Brain Mimic

Write an email using your
company knowledge in one click

Brain Mimic is a browser extension that enables you to add content from your email or any site by selecting and saving it. This allows you to write grounded emails, Slack messages, or input on any site with just one click, without the need for any additional prompts.

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We mimic you on email, Slack, or any site input.
Save literally hours of typing with just one click.

Stop retyping. We replicate repetitive answers with one click.

Brain Mimic is accessible on any input on any website. You can simply click 'mimic me' to generate a response, with no additional prompting needed.

Generate a response with a custom prompt.

Generate a response simply by mentioning the context you want to include, and increase your writing speed by 10x.

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You can mimic yourself for free.
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